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The Mandela Burger is a pioneer of organic, healthy, and safer vegan foods in New Orleans. We believe in the health boosting benefits and restorative capacity of the herbs and spices used in making our patties. With lots of love, we happily offer the Mandela Burger for your family’s delight and wellbeing.

Our Spices

If you’re an athlete or everyday warrior, then you’ll understand the importance of taking in clean, wholesome and nutritious fuels. We understand the importance of superior quality foods and spices and with this in mind our spice sections are carefully selected, not only for freshness and flavor potential, but to deliver pique regeneration of tissues to athletes as well as those who enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Mandela Burger

Champions the world over are waking up to the fact that performance and recovery are intrinsically intertwined. Blurring the lines between sports medicine and nutrition. 

Sportspeople are relearning the fundamental aspects of nutrition and allowing food to be, not only their fuel, but their their health and wellbeing as well. Vegan athletes show up to 50% faster regeneration times when recovering from a sports-related injury, because after all, what you put in you will get out. 

Clean, plant-based proteins and the freshest spice selections guarantee our customers of a new paradigm in sports nutrition. Foods that you can trust, foods that are more likely to feature on the family dinner table. The Mandela Burger is the future of sports-nutrition.

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